Dental implants can make a huge difference to your smile, your face and your confidence, especially if you’ve had trouble with your teeth for many years. But you must do your research before going ahead with the procedure.

As with all cosmetic work you’re going to hear horror stories, like this one that was published in The Mirror,

The lady in the article was told that she needed dental implants but because her NHS practice had become a private dental clinic she could no longer afford the treatment fees so he started to look at clinics abroad that were cheaper.

A friend of hers had previously used a clinic abroad for her dental implants so this lady chose to do the same.

Unfortunately for her the treatment was not a success and she ended up in a lot of pain, experienced ongoing discomfort and had to make many trips to the clinic to try and correct the issues.

Sadly stories like this happen all to often, which is why it pays to do your research before deciding to opt for the treatment and choosing which clinic and dental surgeon you’re happy and confident with.

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