You may have read an article recently that said that there’s no evidence that flossing your teeth actually works, but us dentists always suggest it to patients as a way to improve your oral hygiene. So what’s the truth?

Journalists at The Daily Mail have been given something to investigate, so if you want to know what you should really be doing to keep your teeth, gums and health in tip top condition then read on…..


As the best dentist in Liverpool and with years of experience we strongly recommend that people have an oral check-up every six months to keep on top of any problems before they become serious.

Our dental practitioners can then prescribe an oral routine that will keep your mouth in good health.

For us it’s important to prescribe the best treatment for the patient and can be anything from teeth whitening, clear braces, dental implants or even veneers.

The best place to start is to book a dental check-up in Liverpool and then let us do the rest.

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